Grooming, bathing, teeth, and nails.

Prices below are for small breed dogs. There are additional costs for our larger breed furry clients!

  • Full Groom $69+

    Includes: bath, blow-dry, clipping/trim, nails, +/- ear cleaning.

  • Bath & Trim $50+

    Includes: bath, blow-dry, brushing & de-shedding, scissor/trim, nails, +/- ear cleaning.

  • Quick Fix $25+

    Includes: sanitary trim (around bum and groin), face trim, paw hair trim, nail trim, +/- ear cleaning.

  • Bubble Bath $25+

    A thorough bubble bath with your choice of shampoo and conditioner. +/- blow-dry.

  • Nail Trim $16+

    Making "scary nail trims" a thing of the past. Quick, painless nail trimming...and a treat!. By appointment only.

  • Dental Refresh $10+

    Keeping those chompers fresh and clean! *This is not a substitute for proper dental cleaning done by a veterinarian.*

  • Flea or Skunk Bath Contact Us

    These two services must be booked during after-hours. Please contact for pricing.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Mini Mutts
(Puppy Package)

For all puppies under 6-months. A slow introduction to grooming! We ensure your puppy has the best possible experience and will love coming to visit the groomers!‚Äč

3 grooming sessions based on your puppy’s needs and tolerance level

Starting at $135 for all 3 sessions!