Shades of Gray Bison Pet Food Topper (For Cats & Dogs)


Size: 3oz pouch

This food topper is an exceptional choice for making meals more enticing! It is packed with nutrients and adds the extra protein that common kibbles lack. It is also an excellent addition to raw food. Simply scoop onto your pet’s food and serve!

Why Shades of Gray Bison Pet Food Topper made the Modern Mutts Merit List:

  • Contains a unique protein, making it a great choice for dogs with common allergies
  • Grain-free for dogs with grain-related allergies
  • Excellent for zinc-deficient dogs
  • High protein
  • Full of nutrients
  • Easy to digest
  • Indigenous-owned business

Ingredients: Bison

Shades of Gray Bison Pet Food Topper is made from only one ingredient: fresh, dehydrated raw bison. This nutrient dense food topper adds a nutritional boost to your pet’s meal, while also giving them a burst of flavour. Bison meat is naturally rich in protein, iron, B vitamins, selenium, and zinc. Perfect for dogs with a zinc deficiency! The bison used in this product is indigenous to Canada, and is organic and antibiotic free. Plus, there are no grains, dyes, preservatives, additives, or fillers.

This recipe is a perfect addition to your cat or dog’s meal. Sprinkle it on top of their food for a delicious flavour. Bison is a fairly uncommon protein, making it a safer option for pets who have allergies or sensitivities to common proteins. It’s handmade in Guelph, Ontario, by a completely indigenous owned family business, too.

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