Legendary Canine Tooth Powder


Size: 1oz

Why Legendary Canine Tooth Powder made the Modern Mutts Merit List:

  • A high quality, all natural oral health product
  • Specifically designed for canines
  • Gently cleanses and detoxes
  • Removes unwanted plaque and tartar buildup
  • Easy to use
  • Proudly made in Canada

Legendary Canine Tooth Powder is made with 100% natural, human grade ingredients that are lick safe for your dog. This formula freshens your dogs breathe, while also cleaning their teeth and gums. It starts with bentonite clay to detoxify and deep clean. Next, baking soda removes unwanted plaque and tartar.

Legendary Canine Tooth Powder is easy to use. Simply add a small amount to a wet toothbrush and brush your dog’s teeth just as you would your own. This product is proudly made in Canada.

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