6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From The Heat

Summer is a fun, exciting and activity-filled season for both owners and their dogs. Whether you’re out camping, enjoying a hike, or taking advantage of the patio weather, it is important to keep your pet cool and safe this summer! Here are some tips owners can take to ensure they’re being proactive when it comes to the heat and their pet’s health.

Adjust exercise time, duration and intensity

Did you know that exercise is the most common trigger for heat-related illnesses in dogs? When the warm weather comes, adjusting your dog’s exercise schedule is one way to make sure they’re not overheating. Exercising first thing in the morning or late in the evening is an excellent alternative to exercise when the sun is beaming. Keeping your sessions short and sweet is important, too!

Swap outdoor activities for indoor activities

On those hot humid days where the heat just doesn’t seem to subside, take the opportunity to do some indoor trick training with your canine pal. Youtube is a great resource if you need help getting creative with tricks! Interactive toys such as canine treat puzzles are an excellent option as well.

Check the temperature of all surfaces your dog will walk on

We humans can often forget that the ground we walk on can become extremely hot. Thankfully, we have shoes to protect our feet! If your dog is heading outside for any reason, always be sure to check the temperature of the ground with the back of your hand. This includes sidewalks, parking lots, rock-filled spaces and patios. If you can’t hold your hand on the area for more than 10 seconds, it is too hot! Shaded, grassy locations are your safest option. If you don’t have access to grassy areas, purchasing a pair of summer booties for your dog’s feet is your best defense against burnt paw pads.

Dogs are safer at home than unattended in a vehicle

Vehicles can reach over 110 degrees within 10 minutes! It is never safe to leave your dog unattended in a parked vehicle. Perhaps choosing to do your shopping at dog-friendly stores is a good option, should your dog need to tag along.

If you are bringing your dog along for the ride, temperature-check the seats

Have you ever sat on a black seat during a hot summer day? Ouch! Make sure to temperature-check your vehicle’s seats before allowing your dog to jump in! It is always helpful to have a light coloured towel or cover for them to sit on as well.

Ensure your dog is well-groomed

A well-groomed dog has the ability to temperature-control much better than a dog who is overdue for grooming. Impacted undercoat, matting and excessive hair length will interfere with your dog’s ability to keep cool! Be sure to speak to your groomer about summer haircut options that’ll suit your dog’s lifestyle. Remember, double coated dogs should never be shaved as it takes away their ability to temperature-control and puts them at risk for sunburns and skin cancer.
As owners, we need to be diligent when it comes to protecting our pets from the dangers associated with hot temperatures. Our pets rely on us to make the best decisions for them…it is our duty