3 Reasons Why We Do Not Accept Dogs in Heat

If you have an unspayed female, you know that she will likely go into heat twice per year. This typically occurs in the spring, and again in the fall. It is a time in which the unspayed female can reproduce.
If you’ve ever taken your dog to the groomer during her heat cycle, it is possible you were asked to reschedule. Here are the reasons we do not groom females in heat:

A dog in heat may be more sensitive to physical touch

A heat can be uncomfortable, and having to go through a process that involves constant touch is unlikely to be at the top of your dog’s To-Do list. A dog who is physically uncomfortable is more likely to demonstrate reactive behaviors towards their groomer which is dangerous for all parties involved.

Due to hormonal changes, your dog in heat may be less tolerant of other dogs around her

You may notice your dog in heat developing aggressive behaviors. This is common as they experience hormonal changes that cause them to act out of character. Demonstrating aggression is dangerous for both the dog in heat and the dogs she is around. It is best to keep your dog separate from others during this time.

Dogs in heat will bleed

A dog in heat will experience bleeding during the Proestrus stage of her heat. This creates an unsanitary environment for the other dogs in our care, as well as for the groomer.
Ultimately, it comes down to keeping the dog in heat SAFE. Between hormonal changes and added sensitivities, she is unlikely to be comfortable at the groomers…and what fun is that? A dog’s heat generally lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks and any grooming should be avoided during this time.